An attempt to provide a rudimentary scientific explanation

Willing to sacrifice what is most cherished to us as an imprint of the drive to relentless greatness (Abraham tries to sacrifice Isaac to God)
  1. The Diffused Mode: a more relaxed thinking style related to a set of neural resting states, which reaches its height in creative geniuses, e.g. Einstein’s famous cliche: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Beyond Good & Evil

Heraclitus/Michelangelo from The School of Athens. The role of cruelty in our species’ spur to development has been tremendous: Truth is hard.

Evil, Cruelty

We could define evil as…

What are we? Where are we going?

The roguish demolition of the national theatre of Albania in the early morning hours when protesters, who had been guarding it for weeks, could not protect it, is the epitome of the regime that has a tight grip on every branch of power in the country and seems to have run its complete course of madness

And a possibly ‘better’ path to follow

The death of Sardanapalus: the necessary end of Nietzsche’s last man, which seems to be what our modern democracy is cultivating

The Problem

Before we delve into the problem, first a disclaimer.

Why did kings do this? And where one can still find it in today’s leaders

Probably the first king to declare himself a god (Wikipedia courtesy)

A papyrus depicting a brothel in ancient Egypt

The papyrus in its original form (Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Papyrus

The Turin Erotica dates from the New Kingdom in ancient Egypt about 3150 years ago and although it surely isn’t the first representation of sexual acts it has been dubbed the world’s first man magazine. Its contents could be shocking for people even today and it surely is one of the most explicit sex scenes that we have recovered from antiquity.

The all too human aspect of the Ottoman siege of Szigetvar

The Siege of Szigetvar by Johann Peter Krafft


In 1566 an old and gout-stricken Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent set out for one final campaign in order to consolidate his position in vassal Hungary as well as try to conquer Vienna as he once had many years ago.

Brahmins as Kingmakers

As kingmakers (Rajakartarah), the brahmins formed an integral part of the ancient Hindu political machinery, nay they were indispensable as every (proto-)king had to get their approval and sanction before their consecration. Heredity alone did not entitle a person to be crowned as king: he had to accept his office from the Rajakaratarah.

Beyond Good & Evil

Gaugin’s masterpiece. This article demands a different reading of the painting from the original, namely from left to right with the second stage starting with the girl eating an apple and the third with the man reaching the heights

Pre-Moral Period

This is the longest period of morality that mankind had, probably starting with the last great gene modifications and ending roughly with the birth of agriculture. During this part, the value or disvalue of an action was derived solely from its consequences and the community was oblivious to the action as well as the originator itself. One drew conclusions on an action based on its negative or positive consequences.

The psychological motivations at play

Photograph courtesy Johan Reinhard

The Sacrifice

The Incas called this practice Qhapaq hucha, the practice of sacrificing small children during or after important events such as the death of the Sapa Inca or famine and the likes.

Rejnald Lleshi

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